This is a list of people and organizations I find worth following. Of course, such a list can never be complete, or in any sense correct — it is merely a snapshot of my attention at a given point in time. Still, it might be useful to you.

Monica Horten — paralegal with an eagle eye that was instrumental in spotting the lobby’s evil plans during the battle of the Telecoms Package. Were it not for her, we may have had three-strikes in Europe now. Blogs at

Christopher Kullenberg — academic activist who sometimes becomes very theoretical and othertimes very down-to-earth in digging cryptographic tunnels for people who need it. Blogs at Intensifier.

Question Copyright — home to Karl Fogel and Nina Paley, among others. This is particularly worth visiting because of the historical accounts of copyright.

(todo: add more people here.)

Finally, all the Pirate Parties, listed by flag in alphabetical order. This list changes/grows pretty much every week so it may be out of date: