Appearances Calendar 2017

Want to meet Rick Falkvinge? This is a list of my public and semi-public performances. The dates are my specific date of appearance at a conference, but I will generally attend the whole conference if I appear at it, and always feel free to grab me for coffee or beer. (This is a live document and changes as I get new bookings.)


April 28-30 — Creative Commons, Toronto, CA
April 8-9 — Vidcon Europe, Amsterdam, NL
March 29-31 — RightsCon, Brussels, BE
March 10-14 — Libertarian conference, Prague, CZ
February 25-28 — Anarchapulco, Acapulco, MX
February 2-4 — Liberty Forum (video link), Manchester, NH, US



November 7-28 — Winterlight, Spain, ES
October 29 — Icelandic Pirate Party party, Reykjavik, IS