Reference Material

This is a list of posts and articles that have been considered reference material by the swarm, translated into other languages.

Do You Prefer Copyright Or The Right To Talk In Private?

Column on TorrentFreak summarizing my Copyright Regime vs. Civil Liberties keynote. English original. Translated into Czech.

History of Copyright

Seven-part series (part one, two, three, four, five, six, seven) with a summary on TorrentFreak. Full series translated into ItalianPortuguese, and Spanish; summary translated into Spanish.

How Shall the Artists Get Paid?

This article explains why the question is a non-issue that shouldn’t be answered. English original. Translated into Arabic.

Nobody Asked For A Refrigerator Fee

Column on TorrentFreak highlighting how obsolete middlemen have no moral right to legislate a right to profits, but need to go when they’re no longer needed. English original. Translated into Arabic, French.

The Copyright Monopoly is a Limitation of Property Rights

Column on TorrentFreak dispelling the rhetorical notion that the copyright monopoly is “property”. It isn’t; it’s a limitation of property rights. English original. Translated into Czech.

The Revolution Will Not Be Properly Licensed

Column on TorrentFreak pointing out that with all this copyright-enforcement surveillance in place, there is a countermovement throwing the copyright monopoly aside that is actually winning over governments. English original. Translated into Czech.

When Did We Become The Ones We Weren’t?

Column on TorrentFreak comparing our sentiment during the Cold War to that of today. English original. Translated into French.

Why Is It Rocket Science That Laws Should Apply Online Too?

Column on TorrentFreak that explains why the core of the Pirate Party platform really just is about the same laws applying offline and online. English original. Translated into Czech.

Why the name “Pirate Party”?

Article explaining background to the party name. English original. Translated into CatalanCzech, German, Luxemburgish, Spanish, Ukrainian.