Support Rick Falkvinge

I am a campaigner for civil liberties and digital rights full-time, using an assistant’s salary from the European Parliament. I have had considerable impact in revealing abuse of power at governmental levels, and I founded the Pirate Party movement. With your help, I would like to be able to continue to do this full-time, all while being independent of any financial ties to the bureaucracy in the European Union.

Beyond mere food and rent, the more budget I have for travel, the more of an impact I can continue to have. Please donate ten euros a month (or any amount you prefer) and help me continue campaigning for next-generation civil liberties and digital rights.

Of course, in the interest of disclosure, I do currently have a salary from the European Parliament. That’s why this page isn’t advertised or linked anywhere (how did you find it, anyway?). But all and any funds over and above that salary helps me travel and speak more, and besides, I’d like to be independent of taxpayer money in the first place.

(The links go to PayPal for monthly donations. Yes, I know PayPal is evil and I would love a long-term replacement to the entire current banking system built on open-source, privacy and transparency principles. For the more ideological people out there, feel free to Flattr me instead using the Flattr button in the very top right, or donate using bitcoin address 13NbngX74AGVxGqAUTdEqZ9jPBmNhg4G6X — if you don’t know bitcoin, check out this blog post.)