Pirate Wheel Principles: Resilience

Resilience is one of the eight spokes on The Pirate Wheel. This characteristic is the quality of society to be resistant to hostile takeovers that are subverting its values for their own gain, as well as being resistant to damage from natural disaster.

Society and its infrastructure must be built to withstand the nature of humans – where power of all kinds corrupts – as well as unexpected developments or disasters. It must be resilient against the expected and unexpected alike. Thus, there must be no single points of failure or choke points of liberties. Society and its infrastructure must be long-term sustainable.

Examples of things to be resilient against include coups d’├ętat or drifts towards fascism, corporatism, or a police state, as well as blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes or other phenomena that jeopardize centrally managed infrastructure.

We accomplish this by making everybody aware of the importance of refusing unjust orders or instructions, as well as decentralizing all important functions in society to the furthest extent possible and ideally to the citizen level, making a centralized takeover impossible and damages from a natural disaster mitigated.

Updated 2011-Nov-25.

Pirate Wheel, Principles: Resilience.
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