So you've found my luggage?

If you have arrived at this page, it means you have read the page address off of one my suitcases. Which, in turn, means that you have one of my suitcases and are trying to find me. Thank you. I appreciate your effort.

The fastest way to reach me is over the phone, +46 708 303600. If you have my luggage right now, that means I’m traveling, and I might be in-flight with the phone turned off. If so, please send me an SMS or text message.

If we don’t get immediately in touch, my mail address for this contingency is, and I can also be reached on Twitter as @Falkvinge.

If all else should fail, my home address is:

Rick Falkvinge
Malmvägen 12C, 9tr
SE-19161 Sollentuna

It is close to the Stockholm/Arlanda (ARN) airport. Just getting the suitcase to that airport makes it very probable that it will find its way home.

Again, thank you for your effort.