Flight ticket details

Nice of you to book me the flight tickets to the conference! I appreciate it. Here are the numbers and data you need for ticket booking and various border bureaucracies around the world.

I am flying out from Berlin (preferably TXL airport) unless I have clearly said otherwise. (Sometimes, I fly directly between conferences.)

I am a citizen of Sweden and a resident of Berlin, Germany. I am also a citizen of Liberland (passport-holding), though this is not easy to travel on as of May 2018.

My Schengen National ID Card number is 72529226, issued in Sweden, valid through 23 February, 2022. I use that as identification when flying within the European Schengen area.

My Swedish passport number is 92677577 and it is issued by the Polismyndigheten (Police Authority). It is valid through 9 March, 2022.

I also hold a Liberland diplomatic passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is valid, coincidentally, through the same date: 9 March, 2022.

My full name is Mr. Rick Falkvinge. I was born in Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden on January 21, 1972 to parents Mr. Hasse Augustsson and Mrs. Helena Augustsson. My Swedish personal ID number is 720121–4819.

My home address and phone number (some airlines request this) is:
Rick Falkvinge
Rathausstraße 4
DE-10178 Berlin

Phone +46 708 303600 (yes, a Swedish number, not German). It is a mobile.

I prefer Star Alliance flights (SAS, Lufthansa, United Airlines/Continental, Brussels Airlines, etc) with frequent flyer card SAS EuroBonus 613 702 349, or as a secondary preference, OneWorld flights (British Airways, American Airlines, Canadian Airlines, etc) with frequent flyer card British Airways Executive Club 40 792 592.

Seating preference is anything but middle seats (either window or aisle). No dietary requirements. Please avoid early morning flights (as in departing before 1000).

Business class tickets on intercontinental flights, cheapest possible non-Ryanair ticket otherwise. If there’s doubt what counts as “intercontinental”, use 6+ hours as a general guideline.