I Love Anonymous!

Anonymous. Photo by Vincent Diamante, CC-BY-SA.

More and more, I am seeing Anonymous and The Pirate Party mentioned in the same sentence. In historical perspective, this is for good reasons. Make no mistake about it: I love Anonymous and deeply respect and admire their courage, commitment, and ability to deliver time and again.

Two years ago, it was common to see The Pirate Bay and The Pirate Party in the same sentence. At the time, the people in the ‘Bay were complaining that they can’t be the only bastion for freedom — more people must stand up for their rights, many more. This appears to have happened. Nowadays, the pair is more commonly Anonymous and the Pirate Party (or parties).

There is a major shift in political values underway. This has happened several times before, and tends to happen about every 40 years. When it happens, a number of forces must cooperate to bring about changes. It typically happens in three waves.

The first wave consists of activists provoking the issue. You had this with wild (illegal) strikes in the labor movement, you had it with Greenpeace with the green movement.

The second wave consists of academics, analyzing and theorizing what the issue is about.

Finally, the third wave is when the issue is politicized at the party level with a new party (or, in rare cases, taken up within an agile enough previous party — not all countries with proportional representation systems have green parties, but the vast majority does).

All these three waves remain in full activity until the new values have been integrated with society. There is also usually quite some overlap between the three waves, with high-profile individuals being active in more than one of them.

With the labor movement, you had wild strikes leading to labor unions leading to labor parties and social democratic parties. With the green movement, you had Greenpeace (and similar) leading to ecotheory leading to green parties.

I do not find it regrettable that what Anonymous does is mostly illegal. That’s just the pattern of history. However, I do find it sincerely regrettable that catching corporations and our elected leaders with cheating and lying, and calling them out on it, has been made illegal.

Greenpeace defied the law, too. Mostly in the same way, even. The law has always been written to defend incumbents against change. Greenpeace broke into polluting industries that had faked their paperwork, daringly climbed their chimneys and called them on it with huge banners. And everybody loved them for it. I did, too. Illegal, sure. But in the light of history, who were the villains, and who were the heroes? This follows the pattern of changes.

“Anonymous and the Pirate Parties” are being mentioned in the exact same contexts today that “Greenpeace and the Green Parties” were being mentioned in the 1980s. As general troublemakers on the outskirts of the law, but with large popular support in the sentiment of the people, in particular the younger people. (You may read “people” here as “voters” if you prefer.)

It is not so much that Anonymous are necessary, as they are inevitable, looking at history. Still, they are necessary too in order to shift society’s values into one that respects privacy and holds our leaders and corporations accountable. As are the Pirate Parties. The two are mentioned together for very good reasons.

I love Anonymous just like I loved Greenpeace in its days. They are men and women of honor, commitment and courage, and they are instrumental in making a better world.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


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    1. lanel

      I love anonymous! There are so right on. I would love to meet a sexy one !! Pure truth and goodness exists, thank god!

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  9. Fredrik
  10. Grozkov

    Of course Rick loves Anonymous as they often share his rightwing ideals.

    1. Anon

      What. So many times, what.

      1. Rick Falkvinge

        Nevermind Grozkov. He’s a regular whose argumentative skills peak at “you’re wrong because you’re dumb”.

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  18. Alyse Toulouse

    What do you mean Greenpeace “back in its day”? //www.greenpeace.org/usa/
    We’re still actively breaking the law and making change.

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Agreed – but you must agree that you have succeeded spectacularly in changing the values of society when it was direly needed?

      That was the point of time I was referring to — I did not mean to imply that Greenpeace had ceased to exist or matter.


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  23. winstanley

    “Greenpeace and the Green Parties” load of crock. check your history. greenpeace are NOT in ANY way radical. disappointing and unthinking. otherwise ok.

  24. Putte

    Another similar force is the Health Freedom Movement. The corruption and regulatory capture in the medical-pharma sector is just plain horrible. Risks from conventional Pharma Drugs and controversial vaccines such as Gardasil are suppressed by authorities who are more interested in protecting the profits of Big Pharma and the arrogance of doctors than the safety of the patients. (Do a google for: Gardasil risks big pharma deaths). The entire swine flu scare was 90% bluff, driven by WHO officers who took money on the side from the vaccine makers.
    At the same time natural therapies are persecuted by the same authorities. Vitamins and herbal medicines will soon be de facto banned by impossible demands for regulatory compliance. Alternative medicine practitioners are thrown in jail on phony accusations (never from their own patients who often protest when they are denied treatment that works for them).

    Most bio-compatible natural substances (vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, phytochemicals) have been around for millions of years and often used in traditional medicines such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for 100s of years. They will soon be banned on allegations that they are dangerous while at the same time the risks from xenobiotic pharma drugs and controversial food additives such as Aspartame, MSG and Sucralose are downplayed.

    If you think “I have read in the newspapers that the claims that this and that vitamin is useless for medical treatment”, you are just a victim of the information bubble in mainstream media, where the pro-establishment PR-machine ensures that rigged studies paid by Big Pharma to slander their cheap natural competitors make it into the headlines. The medical research databases are full of studies showing how vitamins and other natural substances have the power to cure if the doses are high enough. But these studies never make it to the newspapers.

    Time for vitamin smugglers, who will supply sick people with the cures that can make them healthy again but are banned by the corrupt medical establishment.

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    I love #Anonymous – @Falkvinge on Infopolicy. Hats off to you #gentleman.

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  46. Mike Nolte (@m_cgn)

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  47. Andy-Laa

    I agree with your great pride in saying that you “love” Anonymous, but would say that I disagree that *most* of what they do is illegal.

    You only have to look at their webpage, //anonnews.org or follow their Twitter pages to see that the illegal, more clandestine nature of the group (hackings and such) are performed individually by a very select few of the group.

    Mostly, Anonymous simply picket, protest and sign petitions with the odd phone-bombing or website-bombing thrown in the mix. Actually, I was only just done reading some comments about how members were a bit down about the fact that that’s mostly what Anonymous is about nowadays, when I came across this article (via //anonnews.org )

    Anyway, it’s all semantics. They’re doing a good thing and that’s that. We agree :)

  48. astriddare (a.dare)

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  52. Nick

    Maybe the best solutions are not electoral but revolutionary……I dont necessarily mean violent. I am no pacifist, I believe in self defense, but the tactics I prefer is the building of an alternative within the old society before the old society has even fallen. We can defend these counter institutions, but this is essentially a non violent approach unless we are forced to defend ourselves.

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  55. O'Connor (@Klose7)

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  58. VillorBlue

    Artigo muito interessante.

  59. X


    Anonymous vs Monsanto, becouse only delicious cake will do!

  60. Anon

    We love you too, Rick Falkvinge!

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  62. Dogma1979 (Martin)

    RT @MClarissa: RT @falkvinge I Love Anonymous! //is.gd/yK8ZTa #anonops #anonymous #infopolicy

  63. makelle

    Anonymous surely seems to be committed to great things but we don’t know for sure what they really fight for, do we? After all they are anonymous! I also fight for good things and wish to fight for even more good things but there seems to be more good things than can be handled by one person or even a crowd of “anonymous” or common people like myself. But Anonymous could become the true force that changes all this.

    As mentioned in the article there were several other groups committed to different causes that people felt needed attention but was neglected by the traditional political parties and political elites. These groups went through a three steps procedure and at the end became political parties in their own right.

    Now, since this seems to have become a rule it would seem that it’s time to form a political movement or a party that actually cares for all the major grievances people have, not only such things which older parties are stuck on and think is the only solution to all problems; … take for example the capitalist movement that now is crumbling all over the world causing nothing but harm; perpetual wars, starvation, nuclear disasters, pollution… .

    This clearly points to that the whole (economic) system has to be changed. But it can’t be changed from within since it doesn’t know how. Socialist movements seems stuck on fighting the capitalist movement from within capitalism which so far has only led to a shift the balance of power from one group of autocrats to another; or actually rather a mix of old and new autocrats.

    Now Anonymous (or activist common people) could be that platform upon which to build a new movement and that political force which will change everything.

    There are several factors that points in this direction. Firstly it starts out as a world wide organization and aims at international goals like fighting multinational corporations that are trying to take over through not only dividing the market among themselves but taking over countries and whole economies by putting pressure on governments to enact policies and laws that suit their monopolistic and undemocratic goals. Secondly Anonymous core values are cultural and above all the fight for free speech, all kinds of oppression and exploitation of people. This makes Anonymous potentially very powerful and could gather large majorities on a very short notice.

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  65. Anonymous

    I love anonymous . Enough,down with secrecy and greedy companies that have overcharged us for years. Info sharing should not be banned.

  66. DO YOU LIKE ?
    GAH (Groupofanonymoushackers) are Globally Region served..

    GAH (Groupofanonymoushackers) are Globally Region served..

  67. LR

    yes… they are amazing wonderful human beings. thank god for them and thier pure truth turns me on! can i say that? i have been crushing on them for a while! xoxox to anonymous from me. nothing would be better than finding true love with one of em!

  68. Anne Kekki

    Tack för din #kärlek . I kraft av min frihet är jag en bättre aktivist för #nätfred

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