Launching New Reporting Service – 682 Writers, Editors, Managers Wanted For Part-Time. Yes, You'll Get Paid, And Paid Well. Launch Now, Operational In Q3.

Today, I’m launching a news service in an entirely new format, designed to outcompete oldmedia. The new service publishes all news as shareable images, thereby bypassing a large number of restrictions and limitations, not needing clickbait, and being immune to adblock – but also paying people well, using bitcoin. Meanwhile, oldmedia continues to call people greedy and selfish for not buying their printouts of yesterday’s internet.

It was on April 8, 2014, that the European Court of Justice declared mass surveillance in the form of data retention unconstitutional, impermissible, null, and void. Oldmedia didn’t mention the ruling at all. Instead, they wrote about surveillance activist pets. It was on that very day I decided that oldmedia no longer reports anything relevant, and decided to outcompete them.

Oldmedia is complaining that the net generation isn’t buying their printouts of yesterday’s internet, and say that the net generation is disinterested in civic society. They couldn’t be more wrong. There has never been a generation more interested in the society we live in. However, oldmedia is mistaking a disinterest in the last generation’s problems – and that generation’s solutions to their own problems – as a disinterest in general. This is a complete misconception. The net generation has a new set of problems, and they’re being discussed with more fervor and intensity than any set of civic issues before.

Oldmedia is not addressing this at all. Nor do they seem to have the capability to even see it, despite being right in front of them. That effectively makes them obsolete. Not only that, but they have willingly reduced themselves in a multi-decade process to mouthpieces for regimes plagued by corruption and nepotism – not just in the poor parts of the world, but in all parts of the world. They happily accept a poisoned newswell and declare it to be Truth – from campaigns against Iraq to recent campaigns against Snowden. That’s not just dishonest, that’s sickening and destructive.

Fortunately, the numbers (see below) say that we can outcompete them on pure business grounds. It’s high time to do so – to outcompete oldmedia’s entire concept, basically, and write about civic issues relevant to the net generation instead of blindly complaining about spoiled kids. As a bonus, we get to be paid well in the process – much better than oldmedia pays.

More details about our reason for being on the front page of the wiki.

Retweet the image below to see how easy and straightforward this concept is:

To learn this game, we’re starting out in Europe before going global. For each of the 28 countries in the EU, plus Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway, we need 21 writers and one country manager.

The job of a writer is to write a three-sentence story once a week. An estimated one-hour job per week, for which writers will be paid approximately €125 per month*. Should be a nice addition on the margin to anybody who’s doing writing anyway.

The job of a country manager is to edit those stories for further edge and to work with the writers to actually get the stories out (read: remind writers to submit stories when they’re due), as well as recruit new writers, for which country managers will be paid approximately €1,250 per month*. The workload is expected to be about 10 hours per week. This means a country manager edits and clears three stories per day for their country.

*see Q&A below. It’s a revenue sharing model – it may be some time before the revenue hits those levels, and it obviously starts at zero. But given the low workload, this should be bearable. We need an estimated 30,000 impressions per newspiece on average to reach those levels. (An “impression” is when the newspiece and its ad was shown once to one person, in their Twitter, Facebook, etc. timelines.)

We need 30,000 impressions per newspiece, on average, to reach breakeven.

To get a sense for how much 30,000 impressions are, look at these tweets – these are from my personal account:

Relevant fact with a hint of sarcasm – 23,500 impressions:

Relevant fact with a stronger hint of sarcasm – 45,600 impressions:

Outright sarcasm at stupidity – 125,086 impressions:

Random fact coupled with biting sarcasm at abusive industry – 460,966 impressions:

So is 30,000 impressions – on average, per piece – doable? Yes. Yes it is, damn right it is. However, a success also requires the advertising revenue to match. The 30,000 figure is measured on an average CPM of €2.50, which was last year’s average. Since this is a new concept, we may reach less or more. We honestly don’t know that yet.

For prospective advertisers, we’re offering €250 in sign-up credit toward advertising in a closed beta for merely supplying a Twitter handle to use for login and an ad to run. No credit card or anything like that required. This beta is limited to 100 clients. Contact sales if you’re interested in advertising – we’ll be delighted to get you going.

For writers and editors/country managers, sign up here, or read more on the wiki!


Will the €125-per-twelve-sentences or €1,250-per-ten-hours be effective immediately?

No, I estimate it will take some months until the necessary revenue is there. It’s a revenue sharing model where writers get up to 40% of the gross revenue, straight off the top, to get to that number. Do compare that model with your favorite oldmedia house, or any oldmedia house. (Hint: they rarely pay at all.) But given the low workload, hanging in there for that time while the revenue scales up from the initial zero shouldn’t be too much of a discouragement.

See this wiki page for more information about how compensation is calculated, see how it scales up quickly in the beginning (but does start at zero), reaches the target plateau, and then starts increasing again later (at about 150,000 impressions per piece – compare above examples).

Why are you aiming for such exorbitant wages? That’s far more than anything in oldmedia offers.

You just answered your own question.

I’m not located in an EU28 country or Norway or Switzerland or Iceland. Can I still be part of this?

Not initially, sorry. We’re learning to walk before we learn to run. You’re still welcome to apply, though, and we’ll contact you when we expand to where you live.

Everybody’s running adblock today. You can’t possibly get advertising revenues?

This concept is immune to adblock.

What’s the target audience?

Intelligent people, of the net generation, who are independent, and share. That rules out any “news” about Kim Kardashian, for example.

Wait, what do you mean you’re immune to adblock? You can’t be immune to adblock.

This concept is immune not just to Adblock Plus and the like, but to all known forms of adblocking. Look at the story above and you’ll see that the ad is an integral part of the image shared.

I’m an advertiser. Can I be part of the closed beta?

Absolutely! We will need a Twitter handle for login, your company name, and one more way to reach you (like a mail address), and an ad to run which is based on this template. Provide us with that and we’ll respond with €250 in advertising credit, nothing else required. Mail here.

Do you require a degree for applications?

Are you joking? Of course not. However, excellent language and communications skills in English, as well as excellent analytical skills and a great sense of humor are requirements. A Mensa membership would be a plus, for example. Not that we’d ever look it up, but just to illustrate.

For country managers, people skills and understanding of swarm management are also requirements. The idea is that a country manager should be able to fund their living while getting a university degree, and fund it well, on those 10-or-so hours of work per week – and thus, it doesn’t make sense to require people to already have a degree.

Do you provide a union?

You’re kidding, right? …No.

Will this be a clickbait trap?

Absolutely not. We’re not even going to provide links. There won’t be anything to click on. We’re going to be providing quality reporting and have no incentive whatsoever to post clickbait, because we’re not posting links in the first place.

I’m not located in the EU or NO or CH, but would love to be part of this anyway. Can I?

Not at launch, sorry. However, the service is only starting out in Europe, with the intention of gradually going global. Do submit your application anyway, and we’ll get back when we’re expanding to your area?

Do I get paid in euros/zloty/skräppisar?

No. Payments are in bitcoin, only. No exceptions. This is for the low transaction costs and programmability involved. This entire enterprise will be unbanked by design and choice. Amount denomination may vary, but the actual payments are in bitcoin.

Blah blah taxes blah blah?

You’re responsible for paying your own taxes, and doing all paperwork required to allow you to pay your own taxes, if any. Everything’s on contractor basis to simplify operations. As payments are in bitcoin, do remember to include them in your tax reporting as appropriate – it’s probably not automatic.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Caleb Lanik

    Sounds interesting. I’m in the US, but I might just have to fill out an application for when you expand. Either way, best of luck.

    1. Surpra

      me too!

  2. Christian

    excellent language and communication skills in English (I own a 1st edition Rogets Thesaurus), as well as excellent analytical skills (to a perverse level) and a great dose humor (haha) are requirements. A Mensa membership would be a plus (not joining, too expensive.. bit pompous I think too), for example. Not that we’d ever look it up, but just to illustrate.


    I’m FAST at research, have no party affiliation, Left leaning a LOT, polite and tactful (usually).. I can spell all the big words off by heart. I understand SYNTAX, Punctuation and Grammar. Unlike my Prime Minister. I know to Capitalise Proper-Names. Unlike 99% of my countryfolk.

    Blowing my own trumpet is not my favourite thing but yeah, IQ is in the 150s, I pick everything I hear apart, I can read between lines of lines – I always notice weasel wording.. nothing gets past me. I’ve been screaming at BBC news on the telly since I was five. I sleep 4 hours in 24. I smoke a lot of weed. Yeah… I’d buzz off a “job” like this.. I dont need no wages but If I’m useful I only ask you pay me what you think I should be afforded for my effort. P.S. Thanks for jailing the bankers; it was delicious. 🙂

    1. LennStar

      Huh? IQ of 150? I only have 120, but I can say that if you dont need the money, there are LOTS of people and orgs out there who you could give it to.

  3. Pirate J

    YES! I’m totally on board with this! Sadly I’m in the US so I’ll have to wait until this goes global, but I’ll gladly be a part of the sharing relay should any of these news grams come across my screen. I’ll be practicing my 3 sentence stories. 😀

  4. James Slate

    I love the concept. Simple, relevant, and resilient. Sadly I’m here in the US, so I’ll have to wait till it goes global. Until such a time, I share any of these news grams that come across my screen and get working on my 3 sentence story telling 😀

  5. Xanni

    Let me know when you expand to Australia!

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Absolutely, and thanks!

  6. LennStar

    There is no join link in the wiki (first link to project in this article) and the text in the first box does not show all the text in my FF.

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Both fixed. Thanks!

  7. nobofy

    I dunno about other countries but unless your writers in Sweden are registered as companies it’s actually not legal to pay them and expect them to manage their taxes. You Will be forced by law to withhold taxes and any additional social security taxes on top of the payouts.

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      There are companies that specialize in being this middle guy – CoolCompany in Sweden, for example.

      1. Anonymous

        Yup. There’s a bunch of them. But you are the one considered the employer and need to keep track. I assume local tax (and other) regulations will be the responsibility of the local country manager. It’s managable.

  8. martin

    A key condition to news trustworthiness is the strict separation between advertisement and reporting. How do you plan to be sure that your reporting is not influenced by your advertisers? I thought your response on the clickbait question deserved more substance. Also, three lines is close to nothingness in terms of informational content… But if you convince me of the contrary I could be interested in helping out. Cheers.

    PS: am also interested about your “you’re kidding” answer to the union question; I might have misunderstood but are you actually laughing at the idea that workers organise themselves for defending their rights?

    1. Jim

      Regarding your last point, Rick basically detest worker’s rights because it doesn’t suit him personally, and like to shout it out loud in a controversial fashion hoping to piss at least a few people off.

      1. Rick Falkvinge

        Oh, it’s much easier than that, it’s the simple observation that the Industrial Age with lifelong employments is gone and is not coming back.

        1. UnionMember

          I agree with your statement. I also fail to see why this is relevant on the topic of unions.

          The Belgian model has 3 national unions and they assist employees in asserting their rights (in court of necessary) and negotiate with employers on a national level. They even assist in administrative tasks when switching or losing jobs (and they are much, much more efficient than the government).

  9. MM

    Are images always centrally hosted so you can measure the number of impressions, and thus get the revenue from advertisers?

    If not, how do you measure impressions of random people mailing and posting it to their facebook?

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Twitter, Facebook, and the other services provide excellent feedback on how something is shared if you’re using their behind-the-scenes API. As you can see above, I have been able to measure the exact impression count of some of my personal tweets – these will be no different.


  10. Anonym

    “However, excellent language and communications skills in English, as well as excellent analytical skills and a great sense of humor are requirements” <– All stories/articles has to be in English? Not the language of the country you want to target?

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Images, once published, are out of control. They’re shared where they want to be shared. Thus, English is the lowest common denominator to start out with.

      Translations are in the plans for (much) further out, but it carries a significant price tag, and so must be justified in terms of benefit and paid for by existing revenue.

  11. bisky

    Police brutality along with the militarization of the United States police force is reminiscent of the foundation of war zones, something you would think the founding member of the Pirate Party would recognize and offer venue to address. But alas, he is only one man, confined geographically and leaving interested US citizens no choice but to take his model into their own hands. They are calling it FalconWinged News.

  12. next_ghost

    Congratulations on the launch. I see the fun factor is thought through very well and funding should probably work, too. But I’m afraid that this format won’t achieve the reporting quality that you’re aiming for:
    – If the news posts will be this short, it absolutely needs some link to more information.
    – Since you’ve decided to have a stable staff of paid writers (rather than moderated open feed from anonymous volunteers like /. or InfoBitt), you’ll also have to reinvent connecting your writers to first-hand sources. Otherwise some of your writers will simply start reposting the oldmedia poison.

    1. c3o

      Links aren’t just required for more information – but also for citing sources and making the reports fact-checkable. Just putting claims of fact in an image doesn’t cut it in the information age IMHO.

      I do think there’s value to the idea of making a sharable image the “native” format of a news report that everything is optimised for – but there has to be a “view source” link.

      1. next_ghost

        I meant “more information” to include sources and fact-checking but thanks for making it explicit. When someone says “news for the net generation”, I hear “source, or it didn’t happen!”

        1. Rick Falkvinge

          Yes, after the initial discussions on Talk (, providing sources will definitely be a part of the core concept.

          There was some initial confusion as to how to embed sources in an image, but as it turns out, this is only an issue for Twitter.

    2. Andy

      Looking back over the last month or so I’ve only seen a few instances of “writers simply reposting the oldmedia poison”, references to dubious smaller sources, or irrelevant tabloid-like stories, but there looks to be some slight improvement at least in image design, so I’ll be eagerly watching how this develops.

  13. Guilherme

    It would be nice if FWN provided a webpage onto which users could drag’n’drop images and it would search for it in a database of official FWN news.

    That would allow cautious readers to validate news and rest assured what they read isn’t fake. Don’t you think that’s essential?

    1. Andy

      No need. Try tineye for reverse image searching. There may be others I don’t know of.

  14. Moi

    You talk about fictional borders on the web site, yet writers are organized by country. Are writers expected to write only about things relevant to their country, or could a writer in Italy also be submit news about Australia for example?

  15. Martin

    Can three sentences really be considered a “news story”?

    1. Mind

      Three true sentences are lightyears better than whole false article (like in oldmedia).

  16. Xanthippa

    When you expand to Canada, please, count me in!

  17. Jean Chicoine

    I’m in Canada. Let me know whenever you expand west of Europe. I’m interested in being part of this adventure.

  18. Mind

    You are definitely doing something right, they printed a MASSIVE hate article about you in SvD :D. Win!

  19. Wayne Borean

    Another Canadian joining up. As you may have gathered since three of us have posted comments, things are just a little off in Canada right now.

    Of course we’ve got an election coming this fall, so maybe enough of us will be smart enough to vote the bastards out.

    Oh, one minor thing. I do a lot of long form evaluations. Would there be room on the site for things like this. I often write about religion, politics, and do technology and corporation tear downs.

  20. William Lee

    “This concept is immune not just to Adblock Plus and the like, but to all known forms of adblocking. Look at the story above and you’ll see that the ad is an integral part of the image shared.”

    Interesting. I see no ad in ‘the story above’ or on any of the linked articles. I do use Adblock Plus, plus a few other methods.

    Also, I’d like to be excited for Falconwing, but I’m a bit anti-advertising (obviously). Best of luck anyway!

  21. Ossian

    Good luck with your new inventive, Rick. You work hard, its a good model.

    Alas I will not partake, but continue to watch how things progress, as Im one of those discriminating, old-fashioned types.

    And here are some thoughts that you may or may not like, though you should know in advance that I mostly support and appreciate your work, and have been for many years, regardless of what I think of some of the details.

    The libertarian is a box of poor reasoning. A scholar. It is against judgments without science or reference, which leaves little to be said or acted out naturally and intelligently and at the very same time it’s this very phenomenon that accumulate like dust and risk indoctrinating people, in particular the young scholar, through extensive and ridiculous amounts of study or, for our purposes, exposure to propagandistic media, that make it without much any ability to think for itself except to relate worn-out ideas, supplied by somebody else, or discuss the particulars of such subjects amongst themselves -which is exactly what has happened to it in this day and age. Risk expressing yourself and suffer the ridicule and violence of the tolerant and yet these people claim to be pro freedoms of expression, arts and civilization. The idea is freedoms of expression and yet no given freedom was ever required to speak up, only a little bit of courage, and knowing when to stop.

  22. Siv


    Any plans of expanding the news network to India, I’m sure it will be HIT here. Let me know if you think of it

  23. Antimon555

    Where will the pictures originate? A specific site? Will that site be privacy-friendly?

    Isn’t it hypocritical to rely on Facebook and Twitter for the service (or at least its financing), if its intention is to give news of privacy a chance? Kind of like assembling under the lone tree to inform of the dangers of the ongoing thunderstorm.

  24. asdf

    It’s close to 3 months since announcement, is there any news?

  25. Free Catalonia

    I just wanted to thank you for accepting people without a degree, not everybody can afford go to the university and not for that it means they can’t do the job, plus, I think we all have met people with a degree that are twats, it is not guarantee of anything.

  26. Matyász

    I’d be lying if I said I’m convinced, but it does sound interesting.

    Will you be reporting exclusively in english? Three sentence long newspieces sound like a good way to jump on a new language.

  27. Thomas

    5 questions.

    1. If images are static, and by extension the ad’s, do advertisers pay per image or per view of image? After all, if a picture goes viral, and gets lots of views, making the cost for an advertiser very unpredictable. It might bankrupt a small upstart company that advertise.

    Or is it per image, and you get the expected payment corresponding with the targeted 30,000 views per ad/image.

    2. Even if click-able links aren’t in the images, are the still being spelled out if its relevant for the story?

    3. What types of advertising are gonna be accepted? After all there is laws making alcohol and tobacco problematic.
    There are different laws depending on country, is it the publishers local law or the readers local law that apply, or maybe both.
    And what are Falconwing News moral limits / practical policy on gambling, porn, alcohol, politics , etc… advertisement? The products are legal (maybe), but displaying them are problematic, as they might generate a backlash from prudes , conservative moralists and parents (think about the children /humor). Might also scare away other advertisers.

    4 What about advertisement in other languages or in no language at all, but an image that most likely hides a stenographic message that cant easily be interpreted by the publisher? (Yes, its the purpose of stenographic, but I think i you understand the question)

    5 will qr-codes be used ? both in advertisement and i articles?

  28. Alan2102

    How is this project doing? Is it an ongoing, viable thing? I note that the twitter page only has news bites up to 27 November; a big gap. Is there somewhere else I should go to see more-recent posts?

    1. Anonymous


    2. Rick Falkvinge

      It has not been active for quite some time, mostly due to my own overload and complete underestimate of the leadership needed vs. my own capacity at the time.

      There is a little activity at the moment as I’m wrapping up outstanding issues. It may return in a slightly different form when I’ve plugged the current holes in the hull.

      1. alan2102

        Thanks for your reply. I’ll check back now and then to see what’s up.

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