ACTA setback in Parliament

Christian Engström, Hax, and the ACTA blog (Swedish) talk of a lost vote against ACTA. It was a loss with a very small margin, but even those are a defeat.

Apparently, the  liberal (?!) group was the reason ACTA and the Commission’s handling thereof wasn’t harshly criticized. If so, it’s scandalous. I’m awaiting the full vote lists before further comments on that topic.

The final vote in Europarl regarding ACTA adoption happens some time this spring. That’s a strong ray of hope, considering the thin margin that this vote was lost in. This shows that we can achieve results, but only if we put our wood behind this particular arrow and decide to educate Parliament in all and every way about the issue. We know we can, we’ve done this kind of thing before, like with the software patents, telecoms package, and blog registration silliness.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He works as Head of Privacy at the no-log VPN provider Private Internet Access; with his other 40 hours, he's developing an enterprise grade bitcoin wallet and HR system for activism.


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  2. ANNM

    Well. The liberal votes may have been more unexpected, but the real reason was (as always) that EPP and ECR seem to see it as their job to do whatever the commission wants them to do.

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