"All Middle Easterners are terrorists"

Some very public figures, in our country and elsewhere in Europe, have gone on record saying all people with a culture and religion from the Middle East are terrorists. That it lies in their culture to take over countries, one piece at a time; taking command of jobs, wages and economy.

In the middle of an economic crisis, with significant unemployment, some people have taken the message to heart.

The focus on this debate lies on their religion — their particular branch of religion. Interestingly, the political figures who have claimed the culture is home to terrorist sentiments are themselves subscribing to the Christian culture, whereas the Middle Eastern people are of another of the three Abrahamitic monotheistic religions. The differences between these religious factions are quite minor, and they all stem from the same base.

And yet, the public figures have claimed that the Middle Easterners will stop at nothing — not even death — to get their domination. Because of their culture and religion.

The idea that all people of this religion are terrorists, latent or outspoken, has been gaining some ground with the population. It has been riding a wave of political support. War rethoric has been prevalent, either saying that we are at war with these Middle Easterners, or that we should go to war against this people and their culture. Not just in this country, the leaders have said, but in all of Europe.

In particular, these Middle Easterners have been accused of attacking the genuine and healthy economy of the nation, and in seeking control of the nation. All European nations.

War. Cries for war. To protect Europe.

Since the terrorist attack on the famous building complex, politicians have ushered in a new era of hatred against the people of this Middle Eastern religion. In particular, civil liberties have been dismantled at an alarming rate following the event. Freedom of the press has been circumvented or eroded, as have the rights to privacy, rights to protest and rights to assemble.

“Enhanced Interrogation” has become a pretty and popular word for plain torture of dissenters and other lessworthy people. Special detention centers outside of normal law have been set up to… contain unwanted people or terrorists. Not punish them as much as contain them.

These sentiments have been present throughout Europe — both the inflammatory hatred against the people from the Middle East, from people on the street as well as popular political leaders, and the cutbacks on civil liberties.

In pursuing their quest for war, controlling media and the truth was necessary for these leaders. Lying became an art form, and the people trying to expose these politicians and their lying have been relentlessly persecuted, no dirty tricks held back. In particular, anybody trying to oppose the idea of this Middle Eastern religion being synonymous with terrorism have been accused of being unpatriotic, of being against the motherland.

In pursuing the war rhethoric against these Middle Easterners, claims that a country was harboring these terrorists was used to justify a war against a first country and taking over its government. Claims that another country was stockpiling mass destruction weapons — specifically, chemical weaponry — was used to justify the next war.

Nothing rallies a people behind its leaders as a cry for war and a common enemy, these politicans understood. So civil liberties were considered… mostly mere speedbumps, obstacles needed to be overcome, in the quest for sovereignty. Civil liberties that would have exposed lies and prevented war, had they been allowed to continue.

All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again, unless we take active steps to make it not so.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Ivan M

    Bra skrivet Rick. Alltid ett nöje att kliva in på din sida 🙂

  2. Magnus

    “Since the terrorist attack on the famous building complex”

    The link in that scentence was.. “klockren” how does that expression translate to english, bulls eye?

    Another twist on it is that terrorism works. A person takes his life in public, and it at least looked like he could have ended the life of several innocent people, all with a claimed reason that the coutry had gone too far in protecting basic civil liberties. After the fact a lot of politicians and other officials directly argues about, surprise, reduce just those civil liberties.

    Democracy and terrorism do not mix, let us therefore abolish democracy.

    1. scaber

      “spot on” is the words you seek.

  3. TP

    “Some very public figures, in our country and elsewhere in Europe, have gone on record saying all people with a culture and religion from the Middle East are terrorists”

    Vilka idioter har sagt det?

    1. hugo

      Ingen, Rick hittar på som vanligt.

      1. Pia

        Han kan säkert hitta något citat från någon Robinsson- eller Big Brother-kändis på någon obskyr blogg som stödjer påståendet. Dom är ju “very public”. Eller varför inte “Parliament Princess” och Jimmy Åkesson, även om jag ju tvivlar på att dom sagt något sådant.

      2. Anders

        Eller också kopplade du inte riktigt hur artikeln var uppbyggd och vad han syftade på. Klickade du exempelvis på länken till det kända byggnadskomplexet? Inser du att han skrev artikeln så att den skulle se ut som om den handlade m muslimer idag medans han egentligen gav en historielektion om judar innan WWII? Och att han genom detta visar på att historien har en tendens att upprepa sig. Jag är säker på att hr Falkvinge kan förse dig med ett helt knippe fina citat som folk delgett världen om judarna vid den tidpunkten.

      3. hugo

        Och just därför brister jämförelsen, Einstein.

      4. Scary Devil Monastery

        Och just därför ligger jämförelsen klockrent kvar.

        Jag rekommenderar att du läser på litet grann om antisemitismen under 1920-1930-talets Tyskland.

        Eller för den delen varför inte läsa vad Jimmy Å själv har sagt?


        Det finns en uppsjö med material man kan fortsätta med när det gäller att skylla Islam som den moderna tidens största fiende. I USA hittar man problemlöst guvernörer, senatorer och kongressmän som utan att tveka tillskriver Islam rollen som 1600-talets kyrka tillskrev Antikrist.

        Så nej…Rick är på helt rätt spår här.

      5. Anders

        hugo: Det vore nog fiffigt om du skickade med lite argument för att backa upp ditt påstående. Så här långt har vi bara konstaterat att du utan fog anklagat Rick för att ljuga och sen presenterat exakt noll saker för att följa upp det. Det blev en oneliner där du lite nedlåtande kallar mig för Einstein, utan att reflektera det minsta över att det var du som bommade finessen med inlägget, inte jag.

      6. hugo

        SDM: Det går ju verkligen inte att ta er seriöst. Man måste vara infantilt naiv för att försöka jämföra muslimers sitation idag med judarnas på 30-talet, speciellt när Reinfeldt själv i sitt tal inte ens ville benämna självmordsbombningen som ett terrordåd.

        Anders: Hur gammal är du, ärligt? Du kan inte vara över 15.

      7. Anders

        hugo: Jag noterar en KOMPLETT avsaknad av argument, men ännu ett försök till en nedsättande onliner. Inte för att min ålder är relevant, men jag skäms inte för att säga att jag är 39. Du däremot verkar inte skämmas ett dugg för att du anklagar folk för att ljuga och inte ens ber om ursäkt när du blivit påkommen med att ha fel. Jag skulle väl då kunna svara dig med att din debatteknik verkar ligga på en 15-årings. Jag tror att du är äldre än så tyvärr, och tyvärr tror jag inte att du själv ser något problem med ditt beteende. Men överaska mig, skicka ett nytt svar med relevanta argument istället för en härskarteknik.

    2. Anders Andersson

      “Who said so?”

      What difference does it make? If not a single sufficiently “public” figure had expressed his or her contempt for these Middle Easterners based solely on their culture or religion, rather than for certain individuals due to their involvement in acts of violence, would that somehow justify going to war against their countries? Do you overthrow a foreign government and kill thousands of its citizens merely to catch a few alleged wrongdoers on their territory?

      Because even when there is no explicit written or spoken evidence of your hatred against a different group of people, your actions speak volumes. If you don’t openly denounce and seek to punish those responsible for obvious atrocities committed by your supporters, but rather try to hide them after the fact, you are just as guilty as if you had ordered those atrocities yourself in public.

  4. M

    Very well written! And with that first link you have my vote from now. History is bound to repeat itself if we do not take active measures to prevent it – knowledge and understanding about the past, for instance.

  5. Sebastian

    Jag är en Islamofob, jag är faktiskt rädd för folk som aktivt utövar “the religion of peace”, jag är också en cathofob, protestantofob, judefob, nazistofob, kommunistofob et cetera. Jag är rädd för alla religioner och ideologier som har en absolut övertygelse och som motsätter sig progressiva och liberala ideal.

    Jag motsätter mig inte religionsfrihet, jag motsätter mig att vi ska ta stollar på allvar bara för att dom är en specifik sorts stolle.

  6. Tomas B

    As far as the governments are concerned, EVERYONE are terrorists every time they try to board an airplane. They only let you board the plane if they’ve confirmed you lack dangerous weapons like nail pliers and similar lethal weapons.

    Still, though. Religion is evil.

  7. nitro2k01

    The differences between these religious factions are quite minor, and they all stem from the same base.”

    Hmm, not really the case… Christianity and other religions are bad, so much is true. Any religion can be abused, so much is also true. But Islam has certain traits that makes it particularly bad. Go watch the video “Three things you (probably) don’t know about islam.”

    1. Niklas Broberg

      I wonder, have you followed the suggestion in that video to examine the sources for yourself? “Go look for the truth on your own!” is very common in hateful propaganda, since the propagandist knows that very few actually will. The whole video you point is a lie, but you won’t know that since you just blindly listen to what they have to tell you. “Indoctrinated, blind to the obvious and outright stupid” is what they said, right? “Most people only expose themselves to information that matches their own world view” – you didn’t feel targeted there?

      Here’s something to help you examine those “facts” for yourself – if you dare go outside that world view of yours: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz1GeyWuC18

      1. Niklas Broberg

        Oops, my comment was meant as a reply to nitro2k01 who commented before me, my browser played me a trick when posting. 🙂

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