Stepdown reason #4: Evangelism

My fourth reason for moving on is that, given the opportunity, I would like to focus on doing what I love most. I love talking to people. I love our policies and our analysis of the new power landscape, fueled by information and control over information. I love to see people get that “aha” moment when they connect the dots for themselves in the field of information politics.

I have been given the opportunity to do just that, now that the time was right for handing the reins of the daily operations to a more-than-worthy successor.

During my five years as leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, I have given keynotes and taken part in panels in many parts of the world, in many different environments. Everything from friendly (the open-source convention OSCON) to downright hostile (a room full of record industry execs at a music convention).

Having prepared for this transition for a while, I have keynotes and seminars lined up throughout spring, at a rate of about one per week in the near future. The far planning horizon is currently at September, when I’m booked for a cultural policy event in Poland. I will also try to write guest columns in as many places I can muster, and plan on finishing a book before summer.

While traveling, it will also be my job to check the heartbeat of the local infopolicy debate and look for patterns in Europe, as well as build networks among pirate parties and other net activists.

It will probably not get any less intense than the job as party leader, but I’m going to enjoy this role immensely for the next couple years.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Mikke

    I think this role as our evangelist is very important. Our PP-brothers and sisters in the world will get a welcomed help in spreading the pirateparty politics. Sweden may be in our hearts but it’s important that PP gets more succesfull in the bigger countries like France, UK, Germany and Spain.
    Good Luck Rick! I believe in your skills to pull this off.
    And once again, thanx for the time and strenth you have given during the years.
    The future looks bright!

  2. Libertarian

    Har du nån Göteborgs-föreläsning planerat?

  3. Nedmyr

    Härligt! Jag tycker du är bra på att tala 🙂

  4. Gunnar

    This sounds awesome. I have long thought Anna would work fine as party leader, and you work better as a galleon figure anyway.

    See it like this: You’ll know become our mascot! 😀

  5. Gunnar

    Posting this here, since there was no comments on the Key-notes page:


    I never realised just how heavy American accent you have when speaking English! And it’s even “deep south” accent. 😛 The American undertones are significantly stronger than the Swedish – although it’s clear you are not American.

    As a Swede and our newfound relations to America (through wikileaks) , I feel almost definitely not at ease with the sound. From a PR perspective: Any chance you could tone down the heavy Americanisms? 🙂

    Great job otherwise!

  6. Djun Kim

    Rick, your talk in June 2009 at the OpenWeb conference in Vancouver was a great eye-opener and tremendously informative and inspirational for many of the people attending.

    I’m looking forward to your continued action in educating and challenging people everywhere in your new role.

    Thanks for everything you have done so far and best of luck with what is in store.


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