Keynote in Friedrichshafen: "Why are you here?"

My closing keynote at the General Assembly 2011 of Pirate Parties International was well received, and has been subtitled into several languages so far. It was similar, but not identical, to one I gave to PPUK in Glasgow.

Thanks to Piraten-Streaming for the audiovisuals.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


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    Falkvinge on Infopolicy: Keynote in Friedrichshafen: “Why are you here?”:
    My closing keynote at the Gener…

  2. Jerker Montelius

    Du måste tona ner lite grand när du står med en mindre lokal med mick i hand.
    Det ger lätt en känsla av mass eller togmöte annars. Du behöver inte skrika. Med micken så hör folk i alla fall.

  3. Ann Markström (@Annoula64) (@Annoula64) (@Annoula64)

    RT @piratbloggar: Falkvinge on Infopolicy: Keynote in Friedrichshafen: “Why are you here?”:
    My closing keynote at the Gener…

  4. RT @falkvinge Keynote in Friedrichshafen: “Why are you here?” #keynotes #ppi

  5. Magnus

    A political agitator who agitates loud and passionate causing distortion in the sound system, that gives me bad vibes because it is reminds me of a certain politician in Germany for about 70 years ago.

    1. Optimus Prime

      Imagine if you, 70 years ago, would have had the opportunity to place a similar comment directly to that German politician that you are refering to. And imagine if that comment would have been available and public to read and hear for every other human being on the planet with access to the communication technology.

      1. Magnus

        Does not change the fact, that it do remind _me_ of that old maniac. That sort of takes away something from what Rick has to say. I do not disagree in what Rick has to say, mind you. Imagine _all_ the..

  6. Kurt

    A closing keynote? Are you sure you know what a keynote is?

  7. Ralf


    “A closing keynote?”

    A closing keynote is typically the final keynote in a sequence of (two or more) keynotes, serving as the end of the introduction to the main event in question.

    “Are you sure you know what a keynote is?”

    Perhaps you’ve only been to events with a single keynote? There are plenty of events with multiple keynotes. One of them has to be the first; the leading keynote. One has to be the last; the closing keynote.

    Clarification enough, I hope.

  8. Bodensee (@bodensee) (@bodensee)

    RT @razorfeeds Falkvinge: Keynote in Friedrichshafen: “Why are you here?”

  9. Rev. Smith

    I do not agree with Magnus that using pitch and volume as a rhetoric method to keep the interest of the audience is a thing just Hitler did. Most people with a passion do that in their speeches. However it is not common among Swedish politicians to do that (save for the far right/left), but it is effective.

    But with this in mind, I would like to advice you Rick, to use mic technique. Just like when a singer go for the crescendo pulls the mic away, so must you for the best sound. You will appear more skilled and the audience will hear you much better. Somewhere around 22 minutes you lost your grip of the mic when going for a crescendo, listen how much better it sounded. Please have this in mind and you will do even better.

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