Falkvinge On The Keiser Report This Week

In this week’s episode of The Keiser Report on Russia Today, Keiser and team had invited me to discuss issues with the copyright monopoly.

I don’t think I have ever, not in five years, had the pleasure of being interviewed by such an informed reporter (and, I assume, his team). I come on at 13 minutes into the show.

As a side note, it also makes me realize how I need to set up a small TV studio with proper lighting and backdrop. Using my huge gaming headset is comfortable, but it looks like Princess Leia. 🙂

[youtube qJlKl4LbeQo]

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Falkvinge On The Keiser Report This Week http://bit.ly/kZU26y

  2. Falkvinge on Infopolicy: Falkvinge On The Keiser Report This Week: In this week’s episode of The Keiser Re… http://tinyurl.com/3jm5pxk

  3. Jerker Montelius

    Very good interview. Yes get some kind of private tvstudio to look more professional.

  4. Jonas Lagander

    Max är kungen! Samma kvalitet varje vecka. Hoppas du får återkomma snart igen. =)

  5. Magnus (or?)

    Yes you do need to get some kind of backdrop and better lighting, especially the lighting needs to be fixed, you look sick compared to Keiser in a professional studio.

    No i would not characterize Keiser as informed, rather partial, at least that is the impression he gives. In reality he is probably quite clueless, but a very good actor/mouth piece/face to the team behind, that is usually what the front-face in TV is. I did not like this interview, it was not good by any standards, in some parts he is actually leading you and answering his own questions where you just need to agree. This interview is actually bad PR for you and the party. It would have been much better if he was critical you could refute that critic in a good way. Compare this with Christians last performance in TV from the EU-parliament where he came out as the stable, reasonable, comfortable, secure, in every possible way compared to Corazza-Bildt and that socialdemocrat.

    Something to think about. At the last big change in society, the industrial revolution, the ideas of Marx/Engels devloped and spread, resulting in everything from moderate social democracy to communism. It was a reaction to the change that had its roots in the new and disruptive technology of that time. What people looked for, and needed, at that time was social safety (social trygghet) from the consequences of the industrialization, this is what the social democracy tried to offer, and even the communists that took it a bit too far to say the least. This is actually what the pirate party is trying to offer in the changing times of today, social safety securing democracy and the pluralism and opposition that democracy rests upon.

    The social safety in the post digital age (when the digital revolution is over) is very much about privacy and integrity of communication, ownership of the means of production, the digital age is about communication. Personal computers and the intersnet has in many ways put the means of digital production in the hands of the citizens, this is what is under attack in many ways. Knowledge is quite useless and ever worthless kept secret and not communicated, the value of knowledge is greater for society the more spread it is. But the change of kognitives in the minds of people happens in privacy, not in public. In public we dig trenches in defence of the old kognitives. A flamewar do not end in -you where right, i was wrong- that happens either on our own, or with close friend in private.

    What the internet has meant, is a dramatic lowering of the barier of communication, the same as the printing press once did, but unfortunately (or maybe expected?) the “power and the church” of today are reacting just as they did back in the time of Gutenberg.

  6. Nicolas Sahlqvist (@nicco11a)

    Falkvinge on Infopolicy: Falkvinge On The Keiser Report This Week http://t.co/aYsHnpW #piratpartiet #svpol

  7. Anonymous

    The Bitcoin system is highly unstable and must come crashing down eventually, just like our current system.
    Please consider this system instead:
    It seems like a much more carefully thought through money system.

    And yes Max Keiser is very vell informed about most things.

  8. Martin

    Certainly a surprise. There are good journalists after all.

    I thought it was cool with the head set and you can continue to use it to create your own syle, but usually that particular style is for sport reporters.

    I think that making you own home studio can be fun todo and not necessarily expensive. Most things you need are on eBay, including teleprinters.


  9. Martin

    Should be teleprompter. (Auto spelling is not always on my side).

  10. MK

    Max Keiser brukar vara på Alex Jones show och prata. Du kan kolla på youtube hur dem pratar med varandra.


    Om du går in på Alex Jones youtube kanal och söker på max keiser så får du äöver 30 intervjuer med Alex Jones.


  11. baileyalexander (baileyalexander)

    RT @falkvinge Falkvinge On The Keiser Report This Week http://is.gd/tCqcRR #maxkeiser

  12. bailey alexander

    I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Message was heard loud and clear.

    Great to see you overlapping with Keiser, who overlaps with Alex Jones, who overlaps with Ron Paul, who overlaps with libertarianism. They all have their blind spots, to be certain, but they inspire ideas that can’t be dismissed and should be discussed!

    You may have lighting issues, studio concerns, etc, but the ideas were articulated, shared and understood.
    Grazie Mille.

  13. Eimhin

    I can’t believe you guys hadn’t heard of Max Keiser. The man is only part man after all, the rest is myth and the stuff of legend. I do sincerely hope you’re pricking your ears to him these days.
    One more thing
    STFU Magnus …or?

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