Seeking Translators For This Blog: Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, And More

Over the past months, Falkvinge on Infopolicy has slowly become multilingual – observant readers have seen the “English” drop-down in the top left corner and discovered that there are several languages to choose from. Now, it is time to go all-out with the first wave of languages.

If you’d like to see this site in your local language to make the ideas available to more people, you’re more than welcome to help make it happen. FoI (this site) currently exists in German, Russian, Hungarian, and Swedish, in addition to English – and right now, I’m looking for translators into the BRIC countries: Brazilian (Portuguese), Russian, Indian (Hindi), and Chinese (Simplified Han writing). I’m also looking for more translators into German and Swedish, as well as translators into French, Spanish, and Italian (teams of three or more).

Interested in translating articles you like into your language? Check this page of translators’ notes and see if it could be anything for you. You would commit to absolutely nothing, but become part of the crew running FoI and can translate articles as you see something interesting. You would get a mail whenever there is a new article ready for translation into your language.

If you’d like to help spread the ideas of a sensible information policy by helping them cross your language barrier and translate, contact me! Of course, feel free to forward this invitation to people or teams who may be interested, too.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Paul Neitse

    Hi M. Falkvinge,

    You already have a bunch of translations into french of your last book on copyright reform with Christian on my site : You are welcome to copy-paste them on your own website, but please link to the original article 🙂

    See there :

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Fabulous – thank you! I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

  2. Rick Falkvinge

    In the first hour since posting, translations into Hindi, French, and Brazilian (Portuguese) have been started as projects. Wonderful! Still asking for more volunteers, including more in those languages.

    1. Paul Neitse

      I sent to you an email on this subject. If there are other french-speaking people willing to translate into french, can you put me in contact with them or include me in the group ?

      Thanks !

  3. Alv

    We just build up a translators team i italy and we are translating also your copyright reform
    in italian i’m part of italian pirate party and i was happy to find this place where there so many
    interesting things to translate.

    when the translation will be done we will send the link to you.



  4. LennStar

    I have put it on the translation taskforce list of PPI.

    For the “this page” link: There should be how you get an account, not only “When you say that you want to translate, you’ll get a user account on the WordPress powering FoI. “

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      Well, I have to manually create it. But I can clarify that.

      1. Francis

        hello rick,
        do you habe th e email-adr. from paul neitse? (i fear his twitter account is suspended???) thank you very much francis

  5. Juan

    Hi Mr. Falkvinge, I just sent you an email. If you need someone for translating into Spanish, you can count on me!

  6. ANNM

    Isn’t “simplified Han” a bit confusing? Hànyǔ is the spoken language, and simplification applies to the written language, zhōngwén.

    1. Rick Falkvinge

      I’m sorry if what I wrote was perceived as offensive – I am not that familiar with Chinese culture. The translation module listed Chinese as “Simplified Han”, so I assumed that was the accurate term.

      Would “Simplified Chinese Writing” be more accurate?

      1. LennStar

        simplified chinese is at least the term that is used as far as I have seen it

        btw: Do you consider japanese and hangul (I think it is for Korea)?

  7. Polish interpreter

    I would be interested in translation into Polish!!!

  8. griffin

    Hi, I’m member of Serbian Pirate Party and I’m interested in translation into Serbian. Hope there will be enough interested translators to form a team for translation into Serbian!

  9. Réchèr

    Hello M. Falkvinge,

    I would also be interested in making French translations of some of your articles, if there si any room left. I will directly contact Paul Neitse on his site, in order to join an existing team.

    One more thing : you already have a translation of your article about ACTA, here :
    (I did not participate in it). They would perhaps accept to have it copied on your blog, with a link.


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