Who Watches The Watchers? On Russia Today

In Sunday’s “Worlds Apart” show on Russia Today, Oksana Boyko interviewed me about the NSA leaks and the state of civil liberties in the world. I got a lot of positive feedback about that interview, so I’m publishing it here for your convenience.

It’s a bit long – half an hour. The first half is about Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks, and the second half abstracts to civil liberties online in general.

[youtube chLs7NIe_fs]


Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Scary Devil Monastery

    Good to see you touching on the REAL question as well. To any of us old farts growing up with IT, well, we all assumed intelligence agencies would be spying as much as they could.

    But that the use to which this information was put and the way it was assembled would cause some of the people actually working within the intelligence community to turn into whistleblowers. That’s new. And it’s the most damning indication that the US government overreaches it’s mandate in a way which would horrify it’s founders.

    Similar to the rude disillusionment we Swedes suffered with the FRA law – and it’s subsequent slippery-slope extension.

  2. TTime

    What is new about Snowden is the worldwide coverage he is receiving.

    If someone blows the whistle and media doesn’t report it, will you know about it?

    [Russ]Tice received national attention as the first NSA-whistleblower in May 2005 before William Binney, Thomas Andrews Drake, Mark Klein, Thomas Tamm and Edward Snowden came forward. – Wikipedia

  3. Anonymous

    so much sense and truth spoken in the interview. that’s exactly why it will not be taken any notice of, particularly by allies of the USA. some countries in the process,or so it seems, of playing both ends towards the middle. whilst being a member of the EU, is actively following the same course as the USA. this cannot be good and will surely lead to conflicts of interest

  4. HTML5

    Rick, please start embedding videos using HTML5… activating Adobe Flash to watch videos on this website doesn’t make sense.

    1. steelneck

      Neither does scripts from Google..

    2. Fredrik

      Please write a link instead of just embedding, so people can open the link with free software such as VLC or youtube-dl.

  5. Zirgs

    Russian chekists are even worse than NSA.

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