US Corporate "Safe Harbor" For European Private Data Lied About, Abused, Ignored; Europarl Calls For Immediate Scrapping

US corporations routinely ignore and abuse the strict privacy rules of European private citizen data, which they have accessed under the “safe harbor” agreement of the European Union. This surfaced in this week’s Europarl hearing on mass surveillance, causing the European Parliament’s rapporteur to call for a complete scrapping of the safe harbor arrangement right in the middle of the hearing. This is a further erosion of already-brittle trust in privacy respect by the United States.

At this Monday’s hearing on mass surveillance in the European Parliament, completely devastating information surfaced about the EU-to-US “safe harbor” on private citizen data. Here’s the details:

When private data on European Union citizens are transmitted to the United States, the corporations handling and managing that data must fulfil certain requirements, largely corresponding to European standards of protection of privacy.

In this Monday’s hearing, it surfaced that most U.S. corporations completely ignore this. And normally, they lie, and falsely state that they respect the safe harbor regulations. This is serious, as there practically isn’t any protection of private data at all in the United States.

And it gets worse. There are obvious connections between many U.S. corporations lying about safe harbor and the NSA mass surveillance. This means that private data that the European Union naïvely thought was safe is actually wide open to the U.S. surveillance apparatus.

The transgressions are so obvious that the European Parliament’s rapporteur (responsible manager) called for the entire safe harbor agreement to be scrapped right in the meeting.

(As a side note, it was planned that the EU commissioner responsible for IT matters, Neelie Kroes, should have been in the meeting. But she declined to.)

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  1. Caleb Lanik

    I’m glad to see that some actions are being taken against the US government finally, but what’s being done about Germany’s spying programs?

    1. Anonymous

      and that in the UK?

  2. Datavetaren

    > (As a side note, it was planned that the EU commissioner responsible for IT matters, Neelie Kroes, >should have been in the meeting. But she declined to.)

    That shouldn’t be allowed. It is her f-ing duty to participate.

  3. Anonymous

    there are only two types of government going along with what the USG is saying/doing. they are those that are threatened by the USG with sanctions if there is non-compliance and those that are so stuck up Obama’s ass, they cant get out, even if they want to, because they are stupid enough to believe everything the lying fucker is telling them! number one of this list? Cameron in the UK. he is doing and saying everything that has already been said and done in the USA to try to alleviate the NSA spying programs, and been totally debunked except by those who were involved with the programs and at the very top of the security agencies trees!! the people are being let down badly, and remember, when this all goes shit-shaped, it wont be any of those that are causing the problems that are out in the real world solving them by getting shot at or blown up, it will be the likes of you and I, and our sons and daughters taking the bullets or the radiation!!

    1. La-li-lu-le-lo

      The president is a figurehead. We control everything. The president is powerless; we hold the world’s economy in our hands.

  4. Anonymous

    what needs to happen is that all ties to the USA are severed. let’s face it, they give nothing to the world except lies, grief and misery. the produce nothing that the rest of the world needs, as everything can be supplied from somewhere else! problem is that even the EU bends over and puckers up at the sound of the name, some members are so scared, they must pray each nite for the USA to keep them safe!! when push comes to shove, and at some point it will, the one the USA will look after is the USA, everyone else will be left to fend for themselves! all this crap about do this, do that, wont mean a thing. if they are not gonna gain anything, the USA wont be making any saviour’ moves

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