Victory: US Border Patrol Reverses Harassment Thanks To You

Back in September, I posted a cute GIF laden post which outlined my harassment by the US Border Patrol, where they have gone as far as accused the Pirate Party of being a terrorist movement.

A few days after that, I had travelled to Canada for the day and when I came back… there was no inspection at all. Not even an invasive question, they asked where I was coming from and what I did there… and allowed me to answer with vague but descriptive answers (went to TO, visited friends).

Yesterday, I was traveling with friends but took a separate car as to not subject them to the torment that I typically have to go through at the border. To my surprise and relief, as I crossed at the border crossing that I have most trouble with (there are 3 border crossings near me to choose from) they did not search my car, they did not ask me invasive questions, they asked the minimal amount of questions and let me answer with vague answers and off I went.

This wasn’t just a coincidence — this was because of you. I had travelled over 12 times across the border before that post, and every time I was stopped. Every person who shared that post with their friends, every person who gave me encouragement, and every person who sent a tweet to @CBPBuffalo helped them realize that I am not a terrorist, and having political beliefs is not wrong but rather a critical part to a thriving democracy.

We called their bluff, they threatened to call the FBI counter terrorism department and have them lock me up in a dark room while they grilled me with questions… I stood firm in my beliefs, knowing that I had the best team in the world on my side… and I did. They didn’t call the FBI, they removed my flag from the system, and I am now free to travel in and out of this country.

This wasn’t due to their loving nature, this was you. So thank you, and know that while we face an uphill battle for protecting our freedoms. Every once in a while we get little victories in our fight, this is certainly one of them and even though it might not have felt like you did much — your small (or large) effort combined with everyone else did just make a change.

Let’s dance.



  1. Colin

    I’m endlessly fascinated by how sensitive dictators and agents of repression are to having their disgraceful behaviour exposed to the public gaze. Perhaps it means that deep down inside, they KNOW they are in the wrong and they have a vestigial conscience that jumps up and shouts, “Told you so!”

    1. Anonymous

      I think it’s more along the lines of these people have the emotional maturity of an eight year old and desperately need to be loved.

    2. Anonym

      I think you’re spot on. Unfortunately.

  2. Per "wertigon" Ekström

    That’s good news, only problem is that you’re not alone in these harrasments. It’s a small step forward, but so much more needs to be done. Oh well. Congrats. 🙂

  3. Max Pont

    How about if Falkvinge accepted an invitation to speak at a conference in the US and see what happens at the border?

    1. Ninja

      Cavity search at the very last.

      1. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    This gives me some hope that we haven’t lost this war (Yes, it is a war. A war of Terrorism). The publicative power still has some power in this world. We should make sure that we know how to use this power for the good.

  5. Anonymous

    glad that this has happened, but i doubt if it will last for long. on top of that, there should never have been the need to do anything as the situation of border officers or whatever they are called behaving like complete arse holes, simply because they can, shouldn’t be allowed. no one, especially those in positions like this, need to exert the kind of authority and total ‘i dont give a shit about you’ attitude for no reason. they sure as hell would be the first ones to complain if they were treated thus by border guards of another country. the first cry would be ‘i am an American citizen’!! i never could understand why that gave anyone extra immunity or better treatment!!

  6. Anonymous

    They stopped because they don’t want to spook you further as they investigate you further.

    -Love, Sabu

  7. Zirgs
    That’s how border crossings should look like. (This one is between Netherlands and Belgium)

    Instead of bullshit questioning or searches.

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