Let's Send Books To Anakata!

Anakata – Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, one of the founders of The Pirate Bay, and an early technical assistant of WikiLeaks – is still held in Danish solitary confinement without much intellectual stimulus at all. I thought we could send some books to him, and I’m starting with sending one of my own.

In a Danish solitary confinement, Anakata has finally received access to his own books, which he has presumably read and re-read a number of times, already knowing them mostly by heart anyway since he’s a hacker extraordinaire. The one-percent sociopolitical elite has come down on this individual like a ton of bricks, from the thoroughly banana-republic corrupt Pirate Bay trial, via a very strange extradition from a country without such an agreement which just happened to coincide with a $40 million one-time extra foreign aid package, to the current months-on-end torturous solitary confinement.

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a sign of the one-percent sociopolitical establishment throwing due process out the window in multidimensional corruption, in order to make an example out of an individual that pulled down their pants to enable a next generation of entrepreneurs to replace them.

And in a Danish solitary confinement, Anakata is bored out of his mind since months back. That’s unworthy. But at least we can do something here. I’m sending Anakata a book, one book, and I’m hoping many join me in this rather simple action.

It’s important that I’m not sending books because of what I think or don’t think of the facts in the current electronic trespassing case. That case is totally irrelevant in the big picture. I’m sending Anakata a book because he helped millions of people out of poverty into skilled craftsmanship by founding The Pirate Bay, giving the poor access to software kits and learning tools; because he drove innovation and consistently opposed censorship through that platform; and because he helped Wikileaks get off the ground in publishing the Collateral Murder video. Also, because he has been consistently hunted by the establishment to be made an example of through an entire sleeveful of dirty tricks and disregard for basic due process. “All for one, one for all.”

I’m sending a copy of my book Swarmwise. It may not be an overly technical book, but the point is that it’s something. Also, a lot of books arriving from many people is obviously a political statement as well.

I'm sending a book to Anakata today, for all he's done for us and for humanity. Will you join me?
I’m sending a book to Anakata today, for all he’s done for us and for humanity. Will you join me?

Send a book to this address;

Mr. Gottfrid Svartholm Warg
c/o krimass JH Jørgensen
DK-1567 København

Also, there’s the notable possibility that he’s not allowed to receive books from the outside. If so, do include a note that if this is the case, that the book should go to the jail library (“Koege’s Library”) instead, so he can request them from there – he needs author and title to do so. In order to do that, he must know what books have been sent, so he is able to request them from the library – he has no means of finding out what books have been sent otherwise. Please tweet author and title using hashtag #bookstoanakata, like this:

  #bookstoanakata Rick Falkvinge - Swarmwise

…and I’ll enter them into the list below, and then Anakata’s mother @KSvartholm will forward the list on the next short visit, for Anakata to finally get some intellectual stimulus in months-long solitary confinement, whether it’s from books sent to him directly or requested from the jail library once he gets the list.

UPDATE: Apparently, some of the restrictions were lifted a while back, and Anakata is now allowed to see other inmates, as well as one hour per day of walking about in an exercise yard. This means he’s technically no longer in solitary confinement, as was erroneously stated above. Still, restrictions remain on any kind of intellectual stimulus, specifically including books and reading materials, so the point of the article remains.

Books Sent So Far

Rick Falkvinge – Swarmwise
Tomas Sedlacek – Economics of Good and Evil [Jan20]
Ernest Cline – Ready Player One [Jan22]
Jimmy Corrigan – The Smartest Kid on Earth [Jan24]
Daniel Suarez – Daemon [Jan24]
Daniel Suarez – Freedom [Jan24]

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Flury

    great initiative Rick! I’ll send a book over within the week too!

  2. Anonymous

    what should be going to Svartholm is someone from the EU to tell the Danish authorities that what they are doing is illegal and getting him the hell outta that jail! why is it that he can be retried over these charges? why is it that everything that has been kicked out of court elsewhere can be brought up again? whoever is behind this has a scarey amount of power but those who are taking notice seem to have nothing other than ‘we are going to keep him in jail’ as proof! and to keep him in solitary confinement, using ‘he might have secret messages sent to him’ is absolutely pathetic! even if there were messages, would they be able to unlock the doors? is he such a criminal that he deserves worse treatment than 99% of murderers? this is a disgrace and something the EU should be ashamed of and stopping, not sitting around, thumbs up arses, brains in neutral, doing nothing just because friends of Obama want it like this! remember, this is one person who stood against an entertainment industry. what will the treatment be like for the next person who stands against them, or some other industry, just because it isn’t liked??

  3. Anon¥mous

    Beautiful initiative! :’) Can’t somebody send him law books so he can learn to better defend himself just in case he will be brought before a court of actual justice?

  4. Caleb Lanik

    This is a great idea. I’ll send him one today.

  5. Alan

    Can we presume that he is fully fluent in English and would enjoy English-language books?

    I wouldn’t have any idea what Swedish-language book to send him.

    1. Tim

      Yes, he is fluent in English 🙂

      1. Alan

        Thank you.

    2. anon

      A swedish person under the age of 50 you can almost assume is fluent in English.

      1. Alan

        Yes, we can *almost* assume that for all the Scandinavian countries – but it is somewhat embarrassing when I assume it about the one guy who didn’t get the memo.

  6. Ayden B

    Going to send him a book from South Africa, can i send a PS2 game as well since i heard he has a PS2 there?

  7. Zirgs

    Serves him right.

  8. Anathema

    We covered this campaign on our “Free Anakata Info” blog at http://free.anakata.info/rick-falkvinge-sends-copy-new-book/

    If anyone wants to really read up on Gottfrid’s situation I would recommend our extensive link list to articles from all over the web. From when Gottfrid was in Cambodia until now.

    Thank you for your support Rick! Free Anakata!


  9. Anonymous

    Is he allowed to communicate with the outside world? I mean, is he allowed to use a phone? Can he receive snail-mail letters? Or will any personal message be rejected? (I mean, even if he’s allowed to receive books, he may not be allowed to receive personal messages.)

    1. Aelius Blythe

      According to his mother on Twitter, a few postcards have gotten through since Christmas. Letters have been held up because they need to be read by the police, who apparently don’t read wither English or Swedish (and apparently can’t find a single translator to do so…. <_< ). So books, or any accompanying messages, may definitely have trouble. But, his conditions have changed, so we know they're not written in stone. And that means it's possible that with enough complaints and enough papers piling up on the police desks, maybe they will actually put in the effort to get the letters, and maybe even books, looked at.

      1. Autolykos

        When the books start piling up, they will at least know that the public is watching and they need to be careful. That alone might make them rethink their policies.

      2. Anonymous

        Do they actually read all the books before Anakata is allowed to receive them?

        I mean, they wouldn’t hire a full-time employee just for checking all of the DTF books we send him, would they?

  10. Silent

    It’s a great initiative. Everyone should have access to books and reading material.

    However I must protest all that thinks that EU have ANY say in Denmark. Denmark’s justice system is not under EU’s justice system. Denmark have done with the justice system just like they have with the Euro. the Euro is not a usable currency in Denmark, the EU justice system cannot be used in Denmark or influence anything in the Danish justice system.

    another thing is the that the gravity of the claims against him justifies his imprisonment until guilt have been proven or disproved.

    A third thing is he may have done a lot of good things but it is not the Pirate Bay or all the other activities he is being charged with.
    He is being charged with breaking in to a government system trying to download information that potentially could be used to break down the economy of every single Danish citizen.

    until he is acquitted or convicted, please do not spread propaganda about the so called one-percent sociopolitical elite, which by the way does not exist in Denmark because if they did the Danish system would not be one of the best welfare systems in the world, which it still is even thou it’s been declining over the last decade.

  11. Joshua Flint

    #bookstoanakata Suarez, Daniel: Daemon; Suarez Daniel: Freedom.

  12. News Links: Intellectual Monopolies and Copyrights | Techrights

    […] Let’s Send Books To Anakata! […]

  13. motormouth

    “Any thought that occurs in the process of reading this book is subject to copyright. Unauthorized thinking of it is prohibited”. Viktor Pelevin

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