Liberties Report – Week 31, 2014

How the copyright industry, prison industry, and pharma industry are complete counterindicators of the public interest. Published on Sunday, August 10.

(Technical notes: Those who have watched the previous episodes can see the technical details taking shape. There are still some audio issues, notably in getting the sound mix from the lapel microphone and the ambient room microphones right, but this has been improving week by week. Also, there seems to be a problem with the phantom power circuits when only using one mic input and leaving the other unloaded, creating a high-pitched bynoise.)

Comments for further improvement welcome! The last batch of comments here (about a month ago?) were tremendously helpful, and I may post another episode here from time to time (not every week) as heartbeats.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a low-altitude motorcycle pilot. He lives on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany, roasts his own coffee, and as of right now (2019-2020) is taking a little break.


  1. Electronics hacker

    The high pitch noise may be because of a switching-mode power supply that, when only slightly loaded, gets within audible frequency and/or amplitude. If the mixer or whatever unit that has the mic inputs is powered by an external power supply, try switching with another one with the same voltage and polarity, and same or higher amperage.

    If that doesn’t help, it’s most likely within the unit. Phantom power in XLR jacks is usually 48 V if i’m not misremembering, and I’d guess the power supply is 12, so there’s a step-up in the unit. If the noise is coming from there, the only way short of buying a new unit is opening it and check and/or replace the involved capacitors. If I lived near you, I’d offer to do it for free, but I don’t.

  2. Max Pont

    Too much room echo. Put blankets on the walls. Would be improved with more inserted clips and 30 second segments: another speaker voice explaining some facts and filming a website, Perhaps more full screen stock video segments with prisons, pills factories, etc.

  3. Jonas

    Please post a transcript.

    1. Paul
  4. PirateJ

    Thanks for sharing this one Rick! I hear very little discourse (in the US) about challenging the patents of Big Pharma, so this is especially refreshing to hear. I cheer from the sidelines when a brave country like India declares Compulsary Licenses on grossly overpriced medical treatments. It’s worth mentioning the Ecuador has also declared a Compulsary License on Truvada, an insanely expensive HIV medicine.

  5. Antimon555

    Why aren’t you updating your blog with the new Liberties Reports? I found the one for week 36 by chance today. Now I have some catching up to do…

  6. John NSA Doe

    I want more videos.

  7. Jennifer

    I’m a transcript sort of person. I usually don’t watch any kind of video news.

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  9. Antimon555

    I just saw your Liberties Report for week 48, and there’s only two possible outcome of all this.

    Either blockchain technology is destroyed, for example by hacking or computing power takeover (by quantum computers or hacking the blockchain network so that the distributed power goes to one place)

    Or Bitcoin and related technologies will be outlawed, most likely with punishments of decades in jail for as much as suspicion of using them. It sounds ridiculous, but I think you know it’s a very real possibility.

    The difference between Bitcoin and a language is that there is no record of who has been speaking to whom in a certain language. Say Swedish was outlawed, I wouldn’t fear whispering in Swedish when out of range of anything equipped with a microphone and an Internet connection. With Bitcoin, my sending or receiving address is stored permanently in the blockchain, and the only thing the government would have to do is to connect it to an IP address (which I’m not sure, but guess is stored too), check that with the ISP:s and arrest everyone in the household for interrogation.

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