Operation Last Resort

Anyone who read my last post knows that the death of Aaron was hard on me, as it was to many in the Pirate community. Today the war for the Internet and civil liberties has developed into a new battle in Op: Last Resort.

A group of Anonymous members hacked the Sentencing Commission website (apparently more than once), and when they did they were able to collect information that is presumably embarrassing to the US Federal Government.

“Two weeks ago today, a line was crossed,” says the video released by the Anons. “Two weeks ago today, Aaron Swartz was killed. Killed because he faced an impossible choice. Killed because he was forced into playing a game he could not win — a twisted and distorted perversion of justice — a game where the only winning move was not to play.”

Usually I would support these actions passively and go about my business, but as I have posted before, there are times for actions. We have the Pirate Party which fights to change things on the long term, but there must be those of us who act out side of the party who do bigger things to create change by force. We don’t walk down the street and watch someone kick a puppy and then loby for legislative change to stop it… we take direct action to intervine. The general public is ignorant and willfully so, and so there must be those of us who take action which might upset some people because we are acting with direct (non-violent) force to stop an injustice.

My fork of the Kopimist Church with funding from The Ultimate Ebook Library have launched a website to make it easy to share links to download the files, you can find it here. I wish there was more that I can do to take direct action, but for now this will have to do. I encourage other people to take the actions that are needed to impede commerce for those who support oppression and to free information hidden from us by our governments.


  1. Anonymous

    2 points:

    a) in the main, the people never get to hear about the things that are eroding or removing their rights until after it has happened. that is most often because the media are owned by those that benefit greatly from what the public loses and dont/wont report on what is going on because it would then be detrimental to what they expect to achieve.

    b) because those in the positions of power, wealth and fame, use law enforcement to further their causes and scare the shit out of the ordinary people, with ridiculous, trumped up claims of crimes committed and the possible/probable punishment that can be received, just as in the Swartz case. once someone has been arrested by those agencies, they dont have a chance because they are locked up for any length of time, regardless of what is allowed, then basically forced to plead guilty, even though innocent, just to have the ordeal end. the USA is as bad a place for that happening as any country run by dictators under regimes of tyranny. you know the places. the ones that ‘democracies’ always condemn, unless it suits to do the same!

    demonstrating is banned in a lot of countries, with bloodshed ensuing because of the violent repercussions taken by governments. innocent unless proven guilty is now changed to guilty unless you can prove innocence (all thanks to the US entertainment industries and their bribing of senators, judges and law enforcement heads!) and have the money to gather the evidence needed, all over little plastic disks of downloadable files of information. that one industry has managed to reverse in a few decades, what took centuries to bring in, ie, basic protection against the rich and powerful, all to try to protect an ages old business model that is doomed to eventually fail anyway.

  2. X

    You know, the RAR file in your torrent has incomplete files. The SHA256sums of the correct files are as follows:

    16f477a6e9c3f694fde1089f0b8505dd8eea68de8bd80dc5c30a4c39802e375b *Alito.Warhead1
    7964d93eaff4683236d440455cecd02cdc4451153b7605a4bd8f548dce00158b *Breyer.Warhead1
    6b5f831fb0de89ee1673aa6a319458245558e8ca442260c7c6bf8b51554fcb8b *Ginsburg.Warhead1
    41da44274388517543497ea39365bd28f73e688378bf4ed0f90cf3966946fcfd *Kagan.Warhead1
    d66d05ddf1ddc4321c7203d875247f3e59d0e2635ab111b7b27cf5c7d25bdf35 *Kennedy.Warhead1
    0143c2df061b79955e12b24e8d41eba18de4c932988f83a83a71cad6860d7416 *Roberts.Warhead1
    8eabbdb6efa63ce39a63dee5e3ea75104c204fd5a72983b1b75f24cacc273cbf *Scalia.Warhead1
    152bb181bce756f0e31388f3bf9dfd54d3bc2e67c01484f515f7d5ebc00a28e0 *Sotomayor.Warhead1
    94f5c254f2dcaadd06b40c7b10da8c83fa3ffcce381147a45dcb051957aab666 *Thomas.Warhead1

    All correct files are 157286400 bytes, except the last one, Kagan.Warhead, which should be 139172380 bytes. Both torrents on TPB also have only incomplete files.

    1. Travis McCrea

      I was going to follow up with you personally but you use a dummy email account (which I guess is intentional), if this isn’t the proper files — do you know a good place where I can find them?

      1. X

        Some of the links on the original page worked; that’s where I got the files. Otherwise, if you have any good way for me to send the files to you, I can probably do that.

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